Hatha Yoga:
The practice of hatha yoga can help align and calm the body, mind and spirit. Generally, the tone of Nicky's hatha class will feel gentle, yet creative. Enjoy a pace in which you can dive into your experience through the exploration of meditation, mindfulness, pranayama and active asana. 

Flow Yoga:
Flow yoga (a.k.a vinyasa yoga), is a more intricate version of hatha yoga. Within a flow class, you can find the asanas to be arranged in an intentional way, usually building to a peak asana. The level of the class will determine the cadence of its pace.

Restorative Yoga:
Restorative yoga is on the opposite spectrum of flow. The practice of restorative yoga is to soften. There are many props included in this type of yoga to help support the body in it's maximum relaxation. Pranayama and meditation practice are generally areas of focus in this style of yoga.

Prenatal Yoga:
Prenatal yoga is curated for the ever-changing pregnant body, mind and spirit. In Nicky's prenatal classes, you can expect to learn modifications to the asana practice in order to keep you and your baby moving and safe during all trimesters. She will encourage you to expand your knowledge and experience in pranayama, visualizations, meditations and mindfulness, some of the many helpful coping tools you might use during the process of labour, childbirth, the 4th trimester and parenthood in general.

Postnatal Yoga:
Postnatal yoga (a.k.a.parent + baby yoga) is not your typical yoga class. Babies, up to pre-crawlers, are welcome to join. As babies need more of your attention during this time, mama is welcome to change, breastfeed and soothe anytime during class. Please note that postnatal yoga may not have the most serene ambience yet you can expect to enjoy yourself with movement, community and giggles.

LYB Yoga:
LoveYourBrain Yoga is a 6 week course for those who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (concussion included) and their caregivers. This course has been created to help educate and empower those with TBI to use the practice of yoga and meditation to cultivate acceptance, resiliency and recovery.


50hr Mindful Strength Training | Kathryn Bruni Young
May - July 2018, Toronto and Cornwall, ON

18hr LoveYourBrain Yoga Training | Pranashanti
October 2017, Ottawa, ON

65hr Prenatal Yoga Training | Union Yoga + Wellness
October 2016 - November 2016, Toronto ON

40hr Restorative Yoga Training | Octopus Garden
January 2015 - February 2016, Toronto ON

8hr Trauma Sensitive Training | Union Yoga + Wellness
November 2015, Toronto ON

200hr Yoga Teacher Training | Tula Yoga West
November 2011 - March 2012, Toronto ON